Chicken Pox Lollipops and Chicken Pox Parties

Some parents are forgoing what were once traditional chicken pox vaccines which helped to eradicate the disease.  A Nashville woman was charging $50.00 a pop for lollipops that had been licked by sick kids.  “It’s illegal and unsafe,” said Jerry Martin, a Nashville prosecutor.

Chicken pox, which was once nearly universal, has fallen between 57% and 90% since a vaccine was introduced in 1995.  The majority of cases, about 90%, that do occur affect infants, children and adolescents under the age of 14.  Deaths in children, ages 1 to 9, have declined about 90%.  Hospitalizations and costs have fallen between 75% and 88%.  General infections have been reduced to 85% and they prevent 95% of severe infections which can lead to pneumonia and encephalitis.

While there is some concern about the development of shingles due to the lack of exposure to chicken pox, studies show that the rate is lower among vaccinated children.  This may be because immune systems may not be as strong.  As people might become more vulnerable to shingles, doctors might recommend that the shingles vaccine be given to adults starting at the age of 40.  Vaccinations help us to control the occurrence of disease and are more helpful than not.  Just think of polio.

Lollipops should be a reward for being brave and getting the vaccine shot.

Parties should celebrate recovery or not getting the disease at all.

My opinion is that children should get the shot and healthy kids should attend school.

What’s your opinion?


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