Tissues or Tax Breaks

Schools Sacrifice, TV & Movies Flourish – NY Times

While school budgets are being cut, and parents are asked to supply tissues, paper towels, cleaning products (??) and crayons (OK, maybe), popular TV shows like LAW AND ORDER SVU & siblings, BLUE BLOODS and THE GOOD WIFE, which according to its script takes place in Chicago, are earning tax credits for shooting their episodes on the streets of New York City.

The above shows are among my favorites, and I am willing to endure the “No Parking” signs on severely blocks of my Upper Westside neighborhood every month (My husband parks the car).  What I am not willing to endure is that the city that has the best of everything, the best city in the United States, if not the world

Mr. Bloomberg, you wanted to be the “Education Mayor.”  As a very successful businessman, one would certainly expect that you have the ability to think outside the box.  Can we please see some of that creativity here?

OK, you give the studios their tax breaks because you’re afraid that, if you don’t, they’ll go someplace else, even though they said they wouldn’t.   Juliana Marguiles, the star of THE GOOD WIFE, wants to live in New York City, and BLUE BLOODS, about a New York City police commissioner, and our finest, wants to be authentic (APPLAUSE!!!)

How about a cocktail party at Gracie Mansion for the stars, producers, directors and network guys?  You’re a numbers cruncher.  How much does it cost for tissues paper towels and crayons for an elementary school for a year?  For Clorox wipes so teachers can wipe seats and desks?  (Yes, as an assistant principal in the South Bronx, I bought Clorox wipes and washed the windows in a sew science lab I set up) <Hear that Clorox?>

Have an auction.  Let’s see how many schools each show can fund.  What percentage of their tax breaks are they willing to give back?  I’m not implying that the stars, producers or anyone else is not generous.  I am sure that they give.  It’s just that the United States is not a worldwide leader in the education of its people any more, and we have to be.  That is where our real defense lies.

I don’t want our parents to have to spend time and money buying paper towels for their children’s classrooms.  I want them to spend it on books and reading to their children.

Come on!  This is the greatest city in the greatest country.  Isn’t that’s why you’re shooting your shows here?

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