Hospitals or Hotels

This morning, I read in the New York Times about luxury hospital suites (not Jay Z and Beyone’s) where butler service would provide lobster for dinner, even if they had to go outside the hospital to get it. While these luxury hospital suites provide hotel services, poorer patients are waiting in the halls for hours, even days, for a bed in a room to become available.

When I was young and shy, my mother told me not to get nervous, no one is better than anyone else. Everyone

goes to the bathroom the same way. I thought that in the US, , for the most part, health care was another type of equalizer. After all, a tonsillectomy a tonsillectomy, and when a heart crashes, isn’t a paddle a paddle?

Where does the $1,600 hospitals charge per day for luxury suites go? For butlers or lobsters, or increased compensation for boards of directors? Hospitals receive federal money. Shouldn’t they be required to provide enough beds in a timely manner to take care of the community.