I haven’t seen them on the streets yet (or maybe I thought they were dads), but according to a segment on The Today Show this morning, men are taking jobs as “Mannies.”  Are single moms seeking male care givers to replace the “father” figure in a child’s life?

I’m an educator, not a psychologist, but I don’t think men have done such a good job – need I mention priests, coaches, abusive bosses and general sexist attitudes that still permeate our society.  Yes, 37 years after Betty Friedan’s book, THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE, we have a 37 year old, pregnant, woman as CEO of a major Fortune 500 company.  But look at the national skeptics comments about whether she can be a mom and a CEO.  Where is the squawk about whether her husband can be an investment banker and a father?

Actually, thinking about it, maybe we should have more Mannies and Mr. Moms.  We need more female elected officials on the state and federal levels and more female Fortune 500 CEOs.  They couldn’t possibly be doing a worse job than the “guys” are doing now.



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