At 37 years of age, Marissa Mayer is the youngest person ever to be appointed  CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  But the news media is not focusing on that fact.  No, they are almost solely interested in the fact that she is going to give birth to a boy in October.

Granted that she will have to take some time off to give birth – how will this affect her work and life any more than it would a man’s.  Yes, if she is breast feeding, she will have to make time to nurse the baby or pump.  Have you ever counted how much time men spend in the bathroom?  I bet it equals out.


Watching so called “experts” and commentators on TV so worried about how she will be able to work at home on her maternity leave, you’d think they didn’t know that baby’s sleep a lot.

She is a CEO of a major Fortune 500 company at 37.  She knows how to manage, and she is not a poor single mother with very few resources.  She doesn’t have to clean, cook or shop.  She can afford a full time person to help with the baby.    The baby has a father (venture capitalist or not) who, except for breast feeding can do half or more of whatever she has to do.

Can we finally get over the sexism? ( America is the only Western country without paid maternity leave.)  I’d rather know (and so would a lot of other women) how she got to be a major player in a very male world.


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