Second animated story with a fierce red head. (Is read hair the thing now?)  A teenage sword fighting, arrow slinging feudal princess is having trouble accepting the traditional princess role.

The Queen is portrayed as a woman who, while she does the expected crewel work, knows how to handle her brave strong dunce of a husband and insists her daughter, Merida, conform.   Merida seeks the help of a witch to change her mother with unpredictable consequences.

  A longer discussion than one might have expected ensued after watching this high end cartoon.  How strong is the need for teenagers to rebel against their parents to grow into their own person?   What message did “BRAVE” send to our daughters?  If you try to be too different, bad things can happen?

Caution – the 8 year old girls sitting behind us was scared by some of the scary bear scenes.  Every parent knows their child, but I’d be cautious about  bringing children below the age of 7.

Please tell me about what you think the movie is portraying about the role of girls and leave a comment.

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