Black and Hispanic students make up about 70% of the New York City school population of 3rd through 8thgrades.  Only 37.7% of the black studens passed the English test while 69% of white students did.  The scores for both groups are unacceptable.   If Bloomberg fires teachers and principals for lack of performance based on tests, then he should hold himself to the same standard.


STEP DOWN MIKE.  At least, hire an education, a true reformer, to improve our education system.  This is going to cost money.  An increase in funds can be meaningless, if it isn’t spent wisely.  Don’t spend more time prepping students for an exam. 
Improve educational strategy to teach in the first place.  Bloomberg, Walcott and the rest of New York City and State, take your blinders off.  When I looked at “Winners’” scores as reported in today’s New York Daily News, that showed increases from 31% to 50% in one year at both charter and public schools, lights flashed and alarms went off.   Same situation with the “Losers.”   Losses in percentage of students passing one of the state exams ranged from a low of 31% to a high of 50%   Rather than just reporting numbers, why doesn’t the news actually visit a school, interview teachers, administrators, parents and students to account for such dramatic – I say with some confidence – impossible shifts in scores.  Some schools were hit by a tsunami, while others were transported to the land of milk and honey.   The public, indeed, the nation has a right to know what’s up.


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