When I wrote a blog about creative ways to use the junk in your junk drawer, I had no idea that a fantastic example of what could be done was several blocks from my apartment.


My husband told me I had to see what was in front of P.S. 9 on Columbus Avenue at 84th Street on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.  Every parent, student and teacher should see their outdoor art gallery.  Were they reading my blog?  How did they know they were dealing with someone with very high standards?  Look at these pictures!

Under the direction of Neil Fitzgerald, who has a BA from Brown University and 2 masters from Teachers’ College and Columbia College, and with advisor, Cordis Heard, a veteran actress and dramatic


arts educator, the Re- Create Summer Camp at PS 9 has produced outstanding work, the work that should be produced in all public schools all year long.  Just look at the Three Musicians.  You don’t need to write more.


You can pick up hula hoops at your local 99 cent store for $1.25 and make your own vision of Atomic Hula.

Michaels has decorated cardboard boxes with lids on sale, often for $2.00.  Give each of your children a box and let them collect junk, recyclables, etc., and challenge them to make something on poster board to frame or a sculpture to mount on wood or cardboard.  Develop vocabulary, classification skills, math and writing.  No SAS (Summer Academic Slump) for your kids

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