Children learn from any activity. So, here are five fun activities organized to help prevent SAS – Summer Academic Slump.

1. ICE POPS – There are many shapes and kits on the market. Farmers’ Markets and city stands offer fresh fruits. Visit one with your children and let them weigh and pay for their purchases. Let them design their pop using fraction, 1/3 blueberry, 1/3 strawberry, 1/3 lemon – whatever they like.

2. LET’S MAKE HATS – As England and the Queen have been in the news so much recently, there are many pictures of hats on line. A little geography – finding England on the globe, country vs. continent, reading map of London, etc.

Use felt, foam, paper plates and cups, feathers, colored tissue and construction paper, buttons (here’s an opportunity to recycle from your junk drawer), office supplies.

Provide cloth measuring, safety pins, fabric, glue, etc. Add geography, measurement, history and vocabulary. Please take pictures and send them to Doodle Noodle ( )

3. SCAVENGER HUNTS – Virtual or real – Make separate lists according to the age of your child. These can center around history – find five places in your city where an important historical event took place, science – find 10 things in the house that have a rough texture for younger ones, etc., etc.

4. LET’S BAKE – Cupcakes are fun because it is easy to spoon batter in the tins and so much fun to decorate (Measurement, science – physical and chemical changes, time, sorting – different candies you’re put in a bowl, counting for young ones – choose six to decorate your cupcake.

5. THANK GOODNESS FOR AIR CONDITIONED MUSEUMS – which have pre-planned docentor or self led tours. If going on your own structure, the activity with a theme and a definite start and end so kids don’t get bored. Give them a clip board, paper and post it notes so they can keep track of what they found – “In this room, how many pictures were portraits? How many were still lifes? How many were abstract?

Whoops – your child just learned vocabulary and graphing. Finish the trip with a visit to the gift shop and let them each buy a postcard.


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