Bloomberg may have lived in a studio for 10 years, but now he is so out of touch with average people that he thinks a 300 square foot studio with no closets is a bargain at $6.67 per square foot. Hello, Mike. You can rent an Upper West Side 2 bedroom, 2 bath with 6 closets (2 of them double ones. So that’s really 8) a stacked washer/dryer and supplies for $4.65 per square foot. Did I mention this apartment building has full time doormen, a gym and a pool. The studios you are suggesting come without a closet, which means the more money for an armoire and less space.

Former SROs (single room occupancy) are now boutique hotels, while the homeless are, once again, appearing on our streets. And what is the largest demographic that is going to need housing. Expect to see more homeless as people living on Social Security and whatever is left of their retirement saving after Wall Street crashed going can’t find smaller affordable space. Baby Boomers are not their immigrant parents who lived under almost any condition to be here in America.

This apartment is only 7 times larger than the crypt I bought for $5,000 (40 square feet). The air and light in the apartment is limited to one wall, and we don’t know if more air and light be blocked by window air conditioners?

No wonder we see people living in Starbucks and hanging out at bars. More personal space and a place to entertain.

Homesteader Mike would have us living in log cabins again. Except in those days, at least, we could cut down trees and build our own log cabins.


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