It was worth the 1½ hour trip to the “Elephant’s Trunk” flea market in New Milford, Connecticut. The temperature was hot, but so were the bargains around 1

Can You Believe $5.00

P.M., and hour before closing.

My husband came into our 2nd marriage collecting Carnival Glass. So, I started looking for it whenever we were fleaing or antiquing.

Score one for me when I spotted this huge punch bowl in perfect condition with 12 cups for $5.00. No, not a typo. The selling couple said it should have been $50.00, but they didn’t want to take it home. They knew it was Carnival Glass, and they still said $5.00. (Something similar is on e-bay for $120.)

The Lady In Her Bath

Lady Emma Jane Beazley, our 6½ lib Cheagle says it’s exactly the fancy bath tub she was looking for. The kitchen sink doesn’t cut it anymore.


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