Yesterday, I saw an explosion of color and movement. No, it wasn’t the July 4th fireworks. At 5 PM, my husband and I went to see “MADAGASCAR 3”, and I was a proud American. No other country has the creativity and the technical skill to produce such breathtaking 3D animation.

The story line involves the American “can do” spirit as exemplified by a group of Central Park zoo animals who escape and join an Italian circus to avoid the clutches of a demonic French animal control gendarme, Captain Chantel DuBois.

While the movie has a solid moral, I am disturbed by the meanness, cruelty and the violence on the overly made up female gendarme. It seems summer fare involves knives, swords and red headed females. Brave (I haven’t seen that.) was playing in the same theater.

The summer before my freshman year in college, Betty Friedan’s “FEMININE MYSTIQUE” was required reading. I didn’t burn my bra or take drugs; my involvement in the change was political.

Although things have changed for women, I didn’t think that we would adopt men’s ways of doing things. I didn’t think that there would be so many portrayals of violent woment – Fiona in “BURN NOTICE,” Annie in “COVERT AFFAIRS,” and Sarah in ‘MISSING.” Watch your neck. In every theater, there’s a female vampire waiting to suck your blood.

I want equality, not sameness.


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