Mayor Michael Bloomberg is so anxious to find a quick fix for failing schools that he is like the Mad Hatter, running around saying “I’m late! I’m late for a very important date! No time to say Hello! Goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” Of course, he’s late. You can’t shut schools down in June, replace half the staff and re-open in September with a new program. The only thing you can do in that time is change the name. Even that could be problematic – this is New

You Can’t Switch Schools As Easily As You Can Switch Hats, Mike

York City, and everyone has an opinion.

He doesn’t need to bring in outside resources like Elizabeth Rose Consulting to design new schools. New York City has one of the most creative, driven, populations in the world. Get real educators – NYC teachers, principals, aides and parents together to fix what is not working.

Banana Kelly Business School, a previous turnaround school, is being shut down. Yes, the graduation rate is below 60%. But a new name , 50% new teachers and a new principal probably won’t change that.

I believe in the importance of cultures and names. How’s this – The B K Revlon School of Business? Corporations and individuals are slapping their names on stadiums and theaters everywhere (The David A Koch State Theater at Lincoln Center and Citi Field). With an influx of talent, financial and other support from a major corporation, the bath and body lotion business that B K students use to learn could be phenomenal.

In order to improve their academic skills, Banana Kelly students need more individual teaching. You can also try a 9 to 5 day, senior internships at corporate offices, a school that looks more corporate and “Dress For Success” coaching. Hey, Mike, if you need any more suggestions to add to this very partial list for B K or to develop other schools, contact me. I’m sure I’m a lot cheaper than Elizabeth Rose consulting.

Make this a place where students and teachers will work their hardest to get in and stay at, The B K (fill in the blank) School of Business.



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