The bus bullies who abused Karen Klein, the 68 year old bus matron need to be held accountable. So do their parents. So do we all.

As a retired assistant principal, who worked in the South Bronx in three different schools that included 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, I know something about the unstable combination of hormones, psyche and bewilderment that influence tween/teen behavior. My husband says I could just give them my “A.P. look,” and it would be all over. So here’s the prescription of this “don’t even think about it” mama. They abused the privilege of riding the school bus. They endangered Karen who could have had a heart attack or a stroke, and possibly other students, if there was a resulting accident. So, these kids don’t get to ride on the school bus again – not for sports, concerts. Nothing!

They are so a part our You Tube world of posting every egocentric, insignificant, detail of our lives, that one actually videoed their monstrous behavior and then posted it. No cell phones, no computers unless it’s for school work.

As these kids don’t understand the cause and consequences of their actions, they must enroll in “Bullying 101” – part reality therapy, research, reading, writing and discussions.

Parents of these bullies must attend “Teen Parenting 2012” to learn which of their practices allowed their children to behave so outrageously, and what strategies they will take to drastically modify their children’s behavior.

Community service, yes! After school activities, no! As they didn’t have any respect for a senior citizen, I recommend that their service be at a senior citizen center or a nursing home.

We as a society have to start taking a strong stand against the abuse of anyone!

If you don’t think images of Congressman Joe Wilson ® of South Carolina calling the President of the United States a liar during a televised address to both houses of Congress or of an internet reporter interrupting the President during a news brief influence children’s behavior, THINK AGAIN.

I don’t care what religion, what race or what political party you belong to.

Enough Is Enough!

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3 thoughts on “BULLYING 101

  1. I recently shared my story of abuse for the first time publicly, and it sure rocked my family.(http://lifewithblondie.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/pure-faith/) After going through all of that I learned I wanted to be the kind of parent my kids could always talk to, and that my biggest goal in life would be to let them grow up like you, never afraid to speak up and always on the look out for the possible predators. Lovely blog, found you on TMB! 🙂

  2. And I don’t know how my comment posted to the wrong post (it was meant for your post about sexual abuse), but I agree with this one as well! Bullying has gotten so far out of hand, and it’s all because no one really holds any accountable the RIGHT WAY these days. Maybe this comment will post the wrong place too and leave me reading another great post….

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