Go to the KIDS AND MOMS tab at my website ( for information on getting your child ready for camp in 2012. Not sending a kid to camp? Read it anyway because it will help turn you into either an SOM – Super Organized Mom or an SOP – Super Organized Person.

Then, move on to THE ORGANIZED DOODLE for tips on backpack management. Ah, yes, THE DOODLE METHOD OF ORGANIZATION works for handbags as well.

It also worked very well for the cabinet portion of my antique wash stand which was DOODLEIZED by my husband (I’m still recovering from the accident, so, I can direct but not do.) last night. It’s empty now and will hold one bag for things to donate, things to go to the car and shopping bags that have to be emptied. Voila! – Neat Foyer.

Drawers are next


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