Why would a man, an accident lawyer, think it a waste of time and resources to pursue the soccer/sex mom’s list of well connected Johns, but not think it the same waste of time to pursue Anna Gristina, the mom, personally? I think both are a waste of time and money.

But I am very interested in the psyche of a single 46 year old intelligent, articulate, man who has this reaction. I supported Cyrus Vance, Jr. when he was running for Manhattan District Attorney. I cannot support his political witch hunt, emphasis on “political.” What is similar in the psyches of these two men that makes it OK to punish this entrepreneurial woman?

According to Ms Gristina, she had an idea after watching the MILLION DOLLAR MATCH MAKER program on TV, a reality show. Her idea was also based on, which has been successful for many years. I met my own second husband on an online service. “Normal” everyday people use such services for various reasons – lack of time, shyness, caution.

But she wasn’t going to be successful starting another on line service. No match for “Match.” She needed a “hook.” Hers – married men. Anyone who reads or hears the news can name at least a dozen powerful married men who have had liaisons. There are many more that haven’t been exposed.

Anna thought of a way to discretely supply a service which, which, when not discrete, hurts wives, children and the public. I bet that she was partly motivated by the fact that she had to put four children through college, most likely to make up for having her saving/investments wiped out by the economic crisis, and having to provide for her retirement.

This mother is being held in Riker’s Island Prison. Why? As a Liberal Arts major who started working in The Urban Teachers’ Corps (similar to Teach For America), I was taken on a visit to Riker’s for a little culture shock, a shock that curled my very straight hair. Haven’t been back since, but I don’t suppose it’s much better. Want another shock, we spend $16,170 to educated a child in New York public schools and $21,900 to keep an individual at Riker’s for a year. You can do the math yourself.

Did this woman hurt anyone? With four children, one of whom has a heart murmur, is she a flight risk?

What is it in the male psyche that thinks it is OK to punish children – hers, and those of others being denied education money?

I don’t get it! Whether you do or not, I’d like to hear your comments.

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