Look left when you cross the street, even if you have the light, traffic is one way and is stopped for the light to the right of you and you have stepped into a clearly marked cross walk. That is what I was doing and didn’t look left, even though, a minivan was parked there

I stepped into the street, but the driver of the parked minivan backed up to pull out and knocked me down. It wasn’t exactly on my bucket list, but I was hit by a vehicle on Thursday evening around 6 PM. . I always taught my children to look both ways before crossing the street, even when the light was green for them, and, yet, I forgot to follow my own advice when I really needed it.

The young guy driving the minivan was primarily concerned that I not call the police. He was driving a company vehicle and didn’t even offer to call 911. I did. He called the office to say would be late to the next appointment.

It was only a contusion and a bruised knee and ribs. I was released from the emergency room around 10 PM. I am home now with headaches, a stiff neck and shoulders and a swollen knee, a sore elbow arm and finger. The doctors say you feel worse over the next few days, and then it gets better. It’s hard to think with this headache, and I’m trying to move too much. So, I won’t be posting, tweeting or Facebooking (Is that a word?) for a while.

Enjoy a safe summer.


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