Now, we’ve really gone too far. Discussing Christmas and kids in June? I can’t understand why The Today Show, in discussing spoiled children in a survey of 6,000 moms, concentrated so much on Christmas gifts, but they did, on both the main part of the show and on the Kathy Lee and Hoda segment.

I don’t have to do a survey to know that today’s kids are spoiled. Just look around you, Toddlers run around restaurants or stand in the booth facing you banging on it. They wear Diane von Furstenberg outfits that cost as much as a poorer child’s clothes budget for the season.

I had my first manicure when I got engaged. Okay, I should factor in that I bit my nails. Up till know, I usually still didn’t have nails. Manicures were for special occasions, or mani-pedis were gifts from my slightly spoiled daughter. Now, when I’m at a nail or hair place, I see eight year olds get mani-pedis and blow outs.

When I was ten, even as the words were forming on my lips, my mom would be saying, “Thank you, Mrs. ________.” Please was a word my mother used at all times, and it became a natural part of my vocabulary.

Today, I still can’t leave the house without making my bed, because my mom did so every day until she was 80, and even then, if she just didn’t pull the bed spread all the way up, everything was neat.

As an educator of 30 years, I can tell you that young children are sponges and mimics. They want to do what we do. When was the last time you said please and thank you, mommy and daddy?


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