Been to Barcelona? It’s a fun walkable city that’s bringing their stroller to America in the fall. Expect to see Jane strollers on our streets.


The Nong umbrellas stroller will sell for around $220. It has a peek-a-boo rain cover, a removable bar and an under seat basket. Your child will be able to lie flat. It folds easily, but the kick stand doesn’t prevent it from tipping.


The Mum, comes in at around $450. It has a better padded seat and comes with a 5 part connection safety belt and a hand brake. It folds easily and is stable when standing. The frame comes up with one hand. The wheels are big and provide a very smooth ride.


The Rider at $700 has a hand brake, a smooth cover on the handles and a bigger basket underneath the seat. There is no peek-a-boo window, but the hood zippers off with ease. The seat is plush and soft as is the interior of the hood, one of the nicest I have felt.


The bassinet, the price of which has yet to be determined, fits any of the frames and is also a car seat. Press a button on the handle, and it comes right off.


Look forward to their 3 wheeled running stroller.


The Quinny Moodd is what you might expect to be the celebrity stroller. It’s pink and white and very girly. $699 buys you a “push of a button” hydraulic unfolding system. Another push reclines the pink seat to a 35 degree angle. The handle is adjustable, and the air tires make for a smooth ride.


Unlike the seat, the $149 bassinet is not reversible, but it is simple to remove with a press of a button. Adapters for the bassinet, the Maxi Cosi infant seat, are included. It adapts to fit several other car seats. It also comes in black on black for a classic girl or guy.


The Quinny Buzz at $579 also has a hydraulic folding system, but if you use two hands, the seat, which is not as comfortable as the Mood, folds down flat. Air filled tires make for a smooth ride. It also accepts the bassinet, which comes off with the push of a button, and a car seat.


The Quinny Zapp Xtra is for the “Oh the places you’ll go” parent and child. It’s perfect for the plane if you buy the travel bag too. The rear and forward facing seat removes easily. The stroller folds in 2 steps, and the accompanying strap makes it into a tight slender package. The four wheels, which revolve 360 degrees, make for quick and easy turning. It adapts to fit several different car seats. It has a sleek style with a black and silver frame and fabrics shades of black, grey, red and pink. The Zapp Xtra is the perfect stroller for grandma’s house.


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