Sunday was Stroller Day. I went to the New York  Family Baby Show at Pier 92 to check out what’s new in strollers. I spoke in depth with representative of three companies,  Mamas and Pappas, an English company, currently available at 50 locations throughout the U.S., Jane from Barcelona, which will be available in the U.S. this fall and Quinny Mood,  that is currently widely available in the U.S., to discover new features and pick a favorite. All of the strollers hold a child weighing up to 50 pounds.


The top of the line at Mamas and Pappas is the “Mylo” at $699, with a bassinet available at an additional $299. This stroller lies completely flat so you could avoid buying the bassinet. If you do get the bassinet, it comes with a ventilated hood, but the great thing is that you can remove it with one hand. It has a stabilizer so it sits flat on the ground, and it also has a rocker.


What’s new for baby is a memory foam pad – very cushy.  The Mylo rides like a Mercedes  and is the choice of Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. 


There’s a magnetic peek-a-boo window. This is a good choice for parents of the tall variety.  It has an adjustable handle and no crossbar in front to hit legs. The brake is on the handle, requiring no footwork or bending.  It’s easy to fold up with one hand.  The gate bar opens so you don’t have to lift a toddler in.


The “Urbo” model has a lot of the same features at $529 and $194 for the bassinet. This is a narrower stroller – the wheels are in line with the frame, rather than on the sides, making it a good choice for city dwellers.


Baby might miss the memory foam cushion, but you will love the fact that you can fold up the stroller and wheel it while holding your child’s hand.


The gate comes completely off for older toddlers. It has an extra large sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window, and it is easy to push and turn.


The “Sola”, coming in at $399 and $194 for the bassinet is wider with bigger wheels on the outside, but it has all around suspension for bumpy roads.


All three models are compatible with Greyco, Maxi Cosi and several other car seats.


I’m with Alicia and Gwen and will go for the Mylo, it’s sturdy, it’s easy and it rolls like “California Dreamin’”.


See you tomorrow with reviews of the other two stroller companies.


Tell me about your experience with your stroller – favorite and most disliked features, etc. The best post by a follower of the blog gets a free Scholastic book. If you are not already following us, go to the bottom right hand corner and sign up.


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