The picture of the 3 year old standing on a chair with his mouth on his mom’s nipple is child abuse. This child is going to be teased and perhaps bullied when he’s school aged. I think breast feeding is wonderful for child and mother if mom can do it. I nursed my son until he was 6 months old, at which time he took his hand and pushed my breast away. He drank formula from a bottle early on, so I could pursue my community interests. My daughter who had colic, and found breast feeding very comforting, nursed until 9 months.

I wasn’t breast fed, and I’m perfectly OK.

This mother, and the doctor who supports her, obviously haven’t thought about future consequences for the boy. I can first see this picture getting slipped into a special edition of his high school yearbook. When college   admission officers and potential employers Google his name, is that what he will want? Bonding is necessary between parent and child, but this give new definition to the term, “Mama’s boy.”

Of course, Time had to put the picture on the front cover so children walking on the street will see it on newsstands. Isn’t it bad enough that they are exposed to female body parts in Victoria’s Secret windows? We have 14 year old models that look like sex objects. Sex is not bad. It just has to be appropriate.


One thought on “OMG – MOM!

  1. America has become uncaring about these issues because nothing is private. Perhaps a bit of old fashioned modesty might be in order.

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