This letter was published in the New York Daily News on Saturday, May 5 under the title, Harsh Lessons. The original title was Big Mayor, Little Kids.

I retired as an Assistant Principal from The Mohegan School, PS 67, in 2006.

During my tenure there, the new library was completed and I was able to convert the old library into a much needed science lab. As an award winning science teacher, I was so excited that I literally washed dirty windows before our grand opening. Yes, Mr. Bloomberg, those of us who are not 20 somethings are dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic. Oh, and we have experience and even some wisdom.

We were able to reduce the number of lunch periods so some children no longer had to eat lunch at 10:30.

Locating a 6th to 9th grade school at PS 67 after eliminating the 6th through 8th grades because that wasn’t working too well, makes no sense. Using a beautiful new library to hold classes also makes no sense.

I retired at a young 58 because I could no longer tolerate change for change’s sake.


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