This past week, a Tennessee legislative committee backed a regulation dubbed the “Don’t Gay Bill. “ It prohibits the teaching or furnishing of materials on human sexuality other than heterosexuality.

Education is a states’ rights issue, but how can we be “America” if basic rights policies differ within a 5 mile radius?

This is one country with one president, one department of state. If we are going to be successful in our multicultural world, we need to have a more common education policy. We need to recognize the world as it exists – science says it’s evolution, not creationism, life since early recorded history says that it has always been heterosexual and homosexual. To my conservative fellow Americans, I say it is not moral to deny what exists because it doesn’t fit your particular religious view of the world. Religion is not supposed to influence the state’s public education.

As a retired assistant principal, it is my belief that if we don’t have more common educational policies, no matter how much we test prep and try to base teacher evaluation on student standardized test scores (which tests are not standard throughout the nation), we will continue to fall behind other nations.


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