Make Your Own Thanksgiving Parade

Thanksgiving is here and we are all about to eat too much for our own good.  Some of us may attempt the craziness of Black Friday shopping, which this year is starting on Thursday night in some stores.  But if you are not going shopping or don’t want to take the kids with you, keep them busy all weekend with this project.

Let them make their own Thanksgiving Day Parade.

1. You need two yardsticks, dowels or strips of wood and a block of wood or something to know the stick into so it will stand straight.

2. Run fishing line or frame wire between two sticks, fastening them securely.  Attach a number of large paper clips to the line.

3. Using boxes, balloons, foam, pom poms, fabric, gift wrapping and other papers, challenge children to make a float or balloon.  Remember to provide markers, crayons and Playdough.  They can try to replicate one – Sponge Bob would be easy, or, if they have a small Snoopy Doll, that can be easily attached.

4. Staple fishing line on thread to the top of the balloon or float and then tie that to one of the paper clips suspended from the hooks.

5. Older children can figure out the distance between the posts, depending on the number of children participating and the size of the floats or balloons the children are making.

6. Even 1 year olds can scribble on a white index card and have an older child cut it out in a shape and hang it.

7. Depending on the room you have available and how long you want the children to keep busy, you can use boxes to make some of the apartment buildings along the way, the Museum of Natural History and, of course, Macy’s.  And then there’s Central Park on the other side.

Give the kids cameras and let them take picture at various stages, as well as of the finished product.

I’d love to see them.  Please e-mail them to me at

Doodley Noodley Yours,



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