You Just Can’t Die And Come Back

“You just can’t die and come back” said one of Ashlynn’s friends.  Ashlynn was a 10 year old honor student and cheerleader who wanted to be a veterinarian.  She committed suicide after being bullied by some classmates who suggested that she should be home schooled.

There could not be a more poignant reason to stop school budget cuts.  Ashlynn had been harassed since 3rd grade.  Her parents were caring and responsible and went to speak to teachers and principals.  Yet, the bullying continued.

Many questions have to be asked.  Was she being bullied by the same girls over a period of time, was it a new group every year or was there one girl who was a leader, changing allies each year?  Were the girls who were doing the bullying ever spoken to?

As more and more pressure is placed on teachers and administrators to do more with less school funding and less salary while achieving higher test grades, I wonder if 5th grade girls are the only bullies.

In Ashlynn’s name and for her parents’ sake, let’s take care of our children by reducing stress for everyone, providing guidance counselors for troubled kids to talk to and teaching humanity by studying the humanities.  Test taking is a needed skill.  So is tolerance!

Tell me how you think we can limit bullying in our schools.


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