Parents Magazine Article On Conquering Morning Chaos

As a former assistant principal of a pre – k through 8th grade school, and a mom who went back to work when her children were 3 and 6, I can certainly empathize with the moms in the recent Parents Magazine article, “Make Over Your Morning Routine.”  I must take issue with the coaches’ advice to take your child to school in pajamas.  As schools will not allow a child to attend class wearing sleepwear, mom will have to take the child home again.  Arriving late and having the child explain to the secretary that he was watching TV doesn’t always embarrass the child.  Both of the aforementioned tactics, however, do disrupt classes when the child enters late, takes up the time of school administrators and wastes mom’s time while making her feel  inadequate.None of your professionals came up with organizers that could make this a win/win situation.  Having spent 40 years watching students and my own children, as well as those of my friends, I came to the realization that there was a need for children’s organizers and founded Doodle Noodle, LLC to meet that need.

Mom would never have a problem with Jane if she had the Clothes Doodle, an organizer with each day written at the top on an interior 12 inch pocket which holds underwear, tops and bottoms or dresses, socks and accessories for the day.

The age of the child will help determine how much assistance he or she will require, but come Sunday, the clothes can be organized for the entire week, including shorts for gym on Thursday.  An eighth pocket called the Sleep Noodle has a tote bag to carry needed items for sleep overs.

The Clothes Doodle comes in two parts and has a handle at each end.  It can be hung from a hook or a hanger convenient to the child’s height.  It also folds over and can be carried like a mini suitcase, great for trips to grandma’s and vacations.

The School Doodle is a backpack insert with plastic pockets for all those necessary tools – ruler, scissors, crayon, markers, etc.  It even has a pocket with a Velcro closure for lunch or bake sale money. 

The School Doodle has pockets on both sides and a handle at the top allows it to be easily taken out of a back pack.  An additional one can be hung near the child’s desk or taken wherever homework is done thus avoiding lost time looking for supplies

Finally, the Messenger Doodle, another back pack insert, is imprinted with “To School” on one side and “To Home” on the other.  Each side has a large plastic pocket for permission slips, notices and homework sheets.  Mom looks at the papers, signs what she has to, puts it back in the “To School” pocket and the Messenger Doodle goes back into the child’s backpack.

Organization becomes a shared responsibility of child and parent and eases the stress of both.



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