Creative Halloween Candy Piggy Bank

Have your children “deposit” their candy in this easy to make piggy bank and set a limit on what they can “withdraw” each day.

Materials Needed:

  1. A large plastic jar with a screw top
  2. 2 sheets of pink card stock, 12” X 12”
  3. 2 wiggly eyes or buttons or black and white construction paper
  4. A pink bottle cap or large button
  5. Black electrical or duct tape
  6. Glue dots

This is so simple to make that your elementary school age child can make it herself with a little help.

  • Cut pink card stock the diameter and length of the bottle.  Affix with glue dots.
  • Trace cover on to card stock and cut out circle using glue dots to paste on cover.
  • Use scraps from circle to cut out ears and glue dot onto jar cover.
  • Cut strip the width of the jar cover rim and glue dot it onto the rim.
  • Use large glue dots to paste on eyes and nose.
  • To make legs, cut strips of pink card stock and wrap around a pencil.  Slit the top in quarters of leg can lay flat against glue dots on the bottom of the jar.  Wrap black tape around the bottom to create hooves.
  • Twist 2 pipe cleaners together to make a curly tail and secure with Velcro.

Happy Halloween.


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