More Ideas On What To Do With All That Candy

More ideas on what to do with all that candy:

Halloween is next Monday.  Visions of marshmallow ghosts, chocolate witches, Snickers bats and candy corn pumpkins are drifting into the dreams of your children, while stomach aches, toothaches and whines of just one more piece are probably disturbing your sleep.  So, plan and conquer, or, at least, plan and contain this Halloween.  Here are some ideas:

Improve on Dylan’s Candy Bar… Set up a play candy store (maybe download a picture of an old fashioned one that grandma and grandpa might have gone to when they were kids).

 Children think of a name – One Candy, Two Candy. Red Candy, Blue Candy or Jason’s (your child’s name) Candy Land or Candy Castle.

  Use boxes to construct the store.  The center box can be the counter and build a taller structure on each side so you can attach a sign across with the store’s name.

Children can use office labels for prices and make signs for bulk candy – M&Ms 3 oz, for 25 cents (let the children use your kitchen scale).

Older children might want to use glass containers and cloth and set up a party candy bar.

While they are having fun, children are learning to classify, recognize money, calculate, count, measure weight,  write and use their imaginations.





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