Trick Or Treat Tips

  • Shopping for trick or treats? Take your children with you. Younger children can have fun picking 5 different candies, feel the bag and guess which is heavier. Older children can be given a budget and told to select and buy the candy. Everyone can help put them in bags or bowls or whatever you use on trick or treat night.
  • Use muffin tins or paper cups to have children sort the candy. They should predict how many will fit in the container and write it down. If a child guesses right, he or she gets to keep that candy.
  • Play Candy Land or other games using candy as markers
  • Children can put excess candy in plastic bags, tie with a ribbon and give it to a doorman, firefighter or babysitter. Use card stock punched with a hole to make a card that says thank you. Children can spell out the words with small candy or use as decoration. Use narrow ribbon to tie the card to the bag.

More tips will follow that help your child increase math, science and organizational skills.

Remember your 99 cent store and Michael’s are great resources.


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